Monday, May 2, 2016

Final Post: Photography and My Future

There is something that defines all of us. Whether it be that you're loud, that you are confident, or smart, there is so much that comes to mind when describing a person. Saying that someone is only one thing leaves more to be imagined, leaves the mind wondering, it's not mysterious but rather sad. I don't know anyone I can describe in just one word. A person is so much more than their physical appearance. So I guess that's how I want to integrate photography in my future, show the range of emotions that people are.


I think I will always have photography with me. There will never be a place that I go that I won't want to take pictures. No matter where I am, there will be a camera or a phone with me so I will be able to document all the moments I experience. I think the proof that I will always be taking pictures is the infinite amount of photos I have of my niece and nephew or of my friends. Even if not many people are going to be able to see what I take pictures of, just having them is good enough for me. I am not going into a photography career but that doesn't mean I don't love it. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Lifestyle Photography's: Life of a Teenage Kid

 There is this fun thing that happens when we are little: we want to grow up. And later on when we are teenagers or older there is another phenomenon that happens: we want to be young again. That is what my lifestyle photography assignment was about, reverting back into those childhood years. It was an interesting take because I'm not exactly showing a little kid here, I'm showing a junior in high school toting around a bunch of stuffed animals. I chose to do this because I thought it was something new and a fun way to show that role reversal.

I think the best part about a few of these images are that they are like the stereotypical little kid pictures where she has a favorite toy and is just smiling at the camera, an obviously staged photograph. Some of the others are showing the activities we would associate with a little kid, having imaginary tea parties with her stuffed animals, talking to them like they are going to talk back to her, and even when she is throwing her toys it's just that show of fun that she's having. Beyond that, the other images are more representative of what being a little kid is like: clutching a teddy bear everywhere she goes, staring in amazement at trees and anything else that's pretty, or even just before the picture when there is this moment that you can just tell the kid doesn't want to take the picture but still sits down and poses, so it's that moment before the smile and and the poses.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Post #6: Reading


Goofball Bookworm

In the Eye of the Beholder


Seeing Double

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Post #5: Already Done

The Disctrict
This was a very interesting assignment because these are pictures we had already taken, not for this class, unless you chose those, but mostly because these pictures were meant for you, something that we took and liked or vice-versa. I chose architecture and nature because that is something so beautiful and the combination of both is simply amazing. Some of these pictures were taken in the same place or the same year but some were not and that's kind of cool too, to see how different places have their own type of beauty.

I love that architecture is inspired by nature and how incorporating both adds a beautiful layer to the pictures.
Another City, Another Museum

Something that ties these pictures together is the camera I used, these were all taken with my iPhone 4S, so before the super advanced iPhone 6 cameras came out which I think is kind of cool because the pictures came out well.

Furthermore, I care about these photographs because some of these locations may be ignored, like the Cancun one, whereas some of the other will always be prominent.
Crocodile Lounge

I thought it was kind of interesting to see the different parts of San Francisco. So you have just the normal American city and then it changes to Chinatown and with it, the architecture and the environment/ambiance.

The American City

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Post #4: Final Five

I genuinely like this picture because it actually came out quite straight so that's impressive but there are some things to change. For instance, the lighting is a little too dark so I would definitely need to change that. Also, the blues should be a little less depressing so I might saturate the image a little to make it lighter. Although, I am willing to see both ways and if the saturation does not look good, I have no qualms about keeping it as is.

Goofball Bookworm
 My Dad is such a hilarious man although he might look intimidating sometimes I think just that goes along with the project, how we misjudge people when really they can be the complete opposite. He was a very enthusiastic subject so this picture kind of shows his normal weekday and weekend before he falls asleep, all those books and magazines and binders of information are just next to him on his nightstand and somehow he gets through them all a lot faster than we can in our English classes. What I would change about it is also making it a friendlier hue instead of the sullen blue.

In the eye of the Beholder
 This image is so difficult to decide what to do with. In all honesty, I don't think it needs adjustment but I also want to experiment to see what can be done and how I would like the picture; if it is better like this "au naturale" or with a little embellishment.

This is one of my absolute favorites, goodness, you can only imagine how amazed and excited I was that this came out. I knew somehow it would have to because not only did we have the light, we also had the flash but I thought somehow the flash would overpower the image and it didn't at all. For this image I would probably make it darker in the back as long as the flash still looks good because that light is what kind of focuses you to the photograph, at least, it did to me.

Seeing Double
This was such an interesting image to capture and is, quite possibly, my favorite. It's fun to see the relationship of the photographer and her subjects, to see the body positions of both and the personalities even though one face is hidden with the flash. Again, for this image, I might want to darken it a little and see how that fairs but I would try to lighten her reflection a little.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Post #3: Dream Assignment Series Plan

What the reflection Shows

So for this assignment I had already promised not only to Savannah but to myself as well that I would include her in all my photography assignments. There is something interesting about having the same person for different assignments because you will not only see my progression but the way the subject changes as well. Anyway, the "dreaded card" that I pulled was the verb "reading", ironically it was one of the cards I had written. I am choosing to do the literal and figurative version of the verb, so someone reading themselves. In this case, because I am going to spend the day with Savannah before Hoopcoming I am going to photograph her after she's all ready but still fixing her outfit as she looks in the mirror. Why I want to do that is because no matter what, people will judge what they see, in that sense, they "read" you and I want to show how that makes us have to "read" ourselves also. The second portion of it will be a literal interpretation of the book because my father is a bookworm and he passed that on to me. I will be taking pictures of a closet that I turned into my personal library, although the books are arranged in a sort of haphazard way. I will also be taking pictures of my father reading because that's his normal nightly routine before sleep, he climbs into bed, props his glasses higher on his head and reads. Finally, I have a few other bookshelves in my house so I will be taking pictures of that. I want to keep it a relatively casual series with candids and staged pictures but hopefully it will depict "reading" the way I want. 

Baby girl you don't need Makeup

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Post #2: A Dream Assignment


1.Photograph Xavier students when they are expressing themselves- be it theater class or aviation club, just some place where they are comfortable and are not afraid to be themselves.
Sisters in the Summer

 2. Photograph antique shops- there is something beautiful in the history that no one knows about and that is what antique shops are like, they are intriguing in their anonymity.
3. Photograph friends at different times of the day- everyone knows that people are a little haywire at certain points of the day and more relaxed later so it would be fascinating to capture that difference, if possible.
4. "Kill" someone with kindness- this idea popped into my head randomly, it was based on a quote that went a little further. So whatever would normally be the weapon would be changed into something else (i.e. a knife into a flower, a bottle of poison turned into a bottle labeled "love").
5. Girls trying on period clothes- we are so used to our short shorts and jeans and tank tops, it would be hilarious to see how modern day girls view themselves in old time-y clothing.

Need some Help?
6. Photograph Lux- I love that coffee shop, it has such an air of normalcy and welcome that you just can't avoid going there. I want to show all the fun people and the food and the entertainment that goes because it really is quite a lively place.
7. People painted as animals- we, humans, are animals after all and usually face paint is only for little kids. This would be one way to combine parents and their teens and their grandparents to all have a little fun as they try to express their animal nature.
8. Background of movies as they do the impossible- so if in a movie someone looks taller, this would be a behind-the-scenes look as to how (i.e. standing on a box) or if they are flying show the strings or show the fans blowing in their face, it's just a weird but fun idea.
9. Photographing ONE emotion- find a bunch of different people, ages ranging, and tell them to express one feeling, for example, happiness, and photograph how every generation and person is different in their expressions.
10. Incorporating something I love- so I would randomly throw in my phone, or my favorite book, or anything else that I love and make it look completely out of context so that it is almost a puzzle and a question as to whether it was a mistake.

My favorite theme was definitely "Kill" with Kindness because it does seem a little more out of the box than we are used to and that would be something interesting to see. It's not something I've ever done before or thought about until I began this class and had this assigned on the first time. I definitely think that as I progress with my photography skills that it will be impossible not to recreate this theme because not only will I want to see my improvement, I know that I will want to elaborate on it.

The Card: 

The card I chose in class was a verb: reading; ironically it was one of the words I had written down. thank goodness this is quite easy to incorporate into my favorite theme. Seeing as everything is "Killing" with Kindness, I will have to find books with a killing scene and imagine the weapon in a nonthreatening way. For instance, if I look to fairy tales like Snow White, the apple will no longer be poisonous and instead the witch will be bringing a basket of them as a sign of good faith. And if I want to be a little more realistic I can always borrow some mystery books from my father and get ideas there.

I hope that I will maintain a little control of this series but I kind of want to let my imagination rule my body as I take the photograph. I don't want to have it so perfect that it's staged, I want this project to look relaxed and effortless.