Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Post #3: Dream Assignment Series Plan

What the reflection Shows

So for this assignment I had already promised not only to Savannah but to myself as well that I would include her in all my photography assignments. There is something interesting about having the same person for different assignments because you will not only see my progression but the way the subject changes as well. Anyway, the "dreaded card" that I pulled was the verb "reading", ironically it was one of the cards I had written. I am choosing to do the literal and figurative version of the verb, so someone reading themselves. In this case, because I am going to spend the day with Savannah before Hoopcoming I am going to photograph her after she's all ready but still fixing her outfit as she looks in the mirror. Why I want to do that is because no matter what, people will judge what they see, in that sense, they "read" you and I want to show how that makes us have to "read" ourselves also. The second portion of it will be a literal interpretation of the book because my father is a bookworm and he passed that on to me. I will be taking pictures of a closet that I turned into my personal library, although the books are arranged in a sort of haphazard way. I will also be taking pictures of my father reading because that's his normal nightly routine before sleep, he climbs into bed, props his glasses higher on his head and reads. Finally, I have a few other bookshelves in my house so I will be taking pictures of that. I want to keep it a relatively casual series with candids and staged pictures but hopefully it will depict "reading" the way I want. 

Baby girl you don't need Makeup

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