Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Post #5: Already Done

The Disctrict
This was a very interesting assignment because these are pictures we had already taken, not for this class, unless you chose those, but mostly because these pictures were meant for you, something that we took and liked or vice-versa. I chose architecture and nature because that is something so beautiful and the combination of both is simply amazing. Some of these pictures were taken in the same place or the same year but some were not and that's kind of cool too, to see how different places have their own type of beauty.

I love that architecture is inspired by nature and how incorporating both adds a beautiful layer to the pictures.
Another City, Another Museum

Something that ties these pictures together is the camera I used, these were all taken with my iPhone 4S, so before the super advanced iPhone 6 cameras came out which I think is kind of cool because the pictures came out well.

Furthermore, I care about these photographs because some of these locations may be ignored, like the Cancun one, whereas some of the other will always be prominent.
Crocodile Lounge

I thought it was kind of interesting to see the different parts of San Francisco. So you have just the normal American city and then it changes to Chinatown and with it, the architecture and the environment/ambiance.

The American City

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