Monday, April 11, 2016

Lifestyle Photography's: Life of a Teenage Kid

 There is this fun thing that happens when we are little: we want to grow up. And later on when we are teenagers or older there is another phenomenon that happens: we want to be young again. That is what my lifestyle photography assignment was about, reverting back into those childhood years. It was an interesting take because I'm not exactly showing a little kid here, I'm showing a junior in high school toting around a bunch of stuffed animals. I chose to do this because I thought it was something new and a fun way to show that role reversal.

I think the best part about a few of these images are that they are like the stereotypical little kid pictures where she has a favorite toy and is just smiling at the camera, an obviously staged photograph. Some of the others are showing the activities we would associate with a little kid, having imaginary tea parties with her stuffed animals, talking to them like they are going to talk back to her, and even when she is throwing her toys it's just that show of fun that she's having. Beyond that, the other images are more representative of what being a little kid is like: clutching a teddy bear everywhere she goes, staring in amazement at trees and anything else that's pretty, or even just before the picture when there is this moment that you can just tell the kid doesn't want to take the picture but still sits down and poses, so it's that moment before the smile and and the poses.