Monday, May 2, 2016

Final Post: Photography and My Future

There is something that defines all of us. Whether it be that you're loud, that you are confident, or smart, there is so much that comes to mind when describing a person. Saying that someone is only one thing leaves more to be imagined, leaves the mind wondering, it's not mysterious but rather sad. I don't know anyone I can describe in just one word. A person is so much more than their physical appearance. So I guess that's how I want to integrate photography in my future, show the range of emotions that people are.


I think I will always have photography with me. There will never be a place that I go that I won't want to take pictures. No matter where I am, there will be a camera or a phone with me so I will be able to document all the moments I experience. I think the proof that I will always be taking pictures is the infinite amount of photos I have of my niece and nephew or of my friends. Even if not many people are going to be able to see what I take pictures of, just having them is good enough for me. I am not going into a photography career but that doesn't mean I don't love it. 

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